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How to Give a Sensual Massage

We are sorry about the dismissal of one of Singapore's biggest escort site the sgwolf. Nevertheless, our spa is still here to serve our customers across the causeway and try to provide all SGWolf customers a similar experience. like they used to experience back home. The practice of massage, rubbing or kneading the flesh, is a wonderful way to give and receive pleasure. Giving a massage can help relax your partner, and put the two of you in a sensual mood. To begin a massage, first find a quiet place, maybe in your bedroom or on the living room floor. You might want to put on some pleasant new age or classical music to add to the relaxing atmosphere. Make sure you have the time to give a massage. You don't want to rush it. The slower and longer lasting the massage, the happier your partner will be. Once you're ready, try the following procedure a few times until you're comfortable with the basic techniques (which are based on Swedish massage techniques), and then let your imagination take over. 1. Warm your hands by rubbing them together. Pour a bit of massage oil into one hand to warm it up. Don't put oil directly onto your partner's skin because cold oil will cause muscles to contract suddenly. 2. Connect with your partner by gently resting your hands on either side of the spine in the small of your partner's back. At this point, ask your partner to relax, breathe deeply, and concentrate on the pleasurable feelings of the massage. Then, stop talking. Allow this time to be quiet and peaceful. 3. Spread the oil around your partner's back using a gentle stroking motion with the whole surface of your hands. Stroke from the base of the back, towards the neck, and then down the sides of the back again. 4. Continue these strokes for about 2 minutes. Gradually increase the pressure, particularly along the sides of the back. 5. Next, knead the flesh around your partner's neck and shoulders, using your thumb and forefingers in a gentle pinching, massaging motion. (Don't pinch too hard!) Start gently and gradually get firmer around the area where the muscles are tense. 6. Then return to the long strokes that you started with, rubbing all along the back, and down the arms, then down the legs. 7. Next, starting at the lower back, use both hands to rub the flesh at the sides of the torso away from the spine in a smooth motion. Slowly progress toward the head, and when you reach the neck, sweep your hands back to the lower back and repeat three or four times. 8. Using small circular motions with your thumb or forefingers, massage all around the back for another few minutes. 9. Finish the massage with gentle stroking, about six times going down the back, lightening the stroke slightly each time. On the last stroke, very gently remove your hands on the downstroke in a feathering motion. 10. Allow your partner to rest without moving, or even fall asleep if he or she desires.
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