Baguss City Hotel (Basement)
49 Jalan Wong Ah Fook
80000 Bandar Johor Bahru

Daily Operation Hours 营业时间
Start : 12pm to 3am

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|     Water Spa 水浴 45min/Rm198     |     Soapy Massage 肥皂浴 1hr/Rm248     |     Nuru Nuru Gel 日式浴胶 1hr/Rm248     |     Poseidon Combo 水皇配套2hr/Rm438     |     Overnight 过夜 6hr/Rm588/After 过了 2am     |     Overnight 8hr/Rm688/After 过了12am |

Every single spa room is designed to resemble a top class hotel room.
Male customers who stay overnight in our rooms have woke up the
next morning to testify to us how wonderful the bed feels making
love to a beautiful girl in the dim moonlighted environment.

Equipped with the korean inspired furnishings, our design team
has carefully crafted every single part of the spa room with a
custom built spa tub and spa bed to make your stay a pleasant one.

Join us one of these days when you are free and check out one
of the best spa rooms in Johor and if you like it, book an overnight
after 2 a.m and enjoy your time here.

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