Baguss City Hotel (Basement)
49 Jalan Wong Ah Fook
80000 Bandar Johor Bahru

Daily Operation Hours 营业时间
Start : 12pm to 3am

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Welcome To 欢迎来到 Poseidon Spa .net !      Updated 更新 06/06/2017.          Thank you For Visiting Our Site 谢谢光临我们的网页.
|     Water Spa 水浴 45min/Rm198     |     Soapy Massage 肥皂浴 1hr/Rm248     |     Nuru Nuru Gel 日式浴胶 1hr/Rm248     |     Poseidon Combo 水皇配套2hr/Rm438     |     Overnight 过夜 6hr/Rm588/After 过了 2am     |     Overnight 8hr/Rm688/After 过了12am |

About us 关于我们

  • For In-House services. Nice Clean Cosy Spa rooms C/w Custom Tubs are Provided at specific location.
  • For Out-call services. We will deliver to your Hotel Room on time with a Additional reasonable delivery charge.

In-House Services

Water Spa Package

*** 45mins Session, Massager Will Bathe You in Our Customed Spa Tub that is Filled With Water & Aroma Fragrance, before Honeymoon.


Soapy Massage Package

*** 60mins Session, Massager Will Bathe You in Our Customed Spa Tub that is Filled With Aroma Fragrance & Soapy Bubbles, then Performaning Poseidon’s (B Course) Body to Body Massage, before Honeymoon.


Nuru Nuru Gel Massage Package

*** 60mins Session, Massagers Will Bathe You in Our Customed Spa Tub that is Filled With Water & Aroma Fragrance, Lying On a Air Bed Floating On the Water, Our Massagers Will then Use Nuru Nuru Gel To Perform Poseidon (B Course) Body to Body Massage, before Honeymoon.

 Company Policies


  • All our Massagers are well Trained and Well-Mannered.
  • Strictly No Cameras In Premises.
  • All our Operators are Friendly and Responsive.
  • We Do Not Overcharge our Customers.
  • We Do Not Cheat our Customers.
  • We Do Not Advertise by sending SMS or Calling our Customers.
  • We Do Not Reveal any details of our Customers.

How To Make a Reservation

  • Please inform us your Registered ID. if you are a Registered Member.
  • Please inform us your interested Options on the Massagers.
  • Please inform us your preferred Timing of the Session.
  • Please inform us your desired Package of your Booking.
  • Please take note of the Location.

Reservation are Based on Availability.

Advance-Reservation only within 24hours in advance.

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Charges might apply for registers in future.

 Enjoy special benefits for being a registered member. 

  • Able to write Comments on profiles. (Sharing is Fun)
  • Special (VIP) reservation Hotline to dial. 
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